Birupaksha Giri Basumatary

Birupaksha Giri Basumatary

Associate Professor

Ph.D. : N/A

Research Interests:

Bodo literature(Bodo Poetry), Assamese(Literature)
Joined the University in Nov 25, 1994

Phone: 9954390962

Vidwan Profile


Education Qualification:

1. M.A. in Assamese, Gauhati University

2. M.A. in Bodo, Gauhati University

Career Profile/Services:

1. Lecturer of Bodo, Bongaigaon College  (01 year,1993))

2. Assistant  Professor of Bodo, Cotton University (1994 - 2013)

3. Associate Professor of Bodo, Cotton University (24/10/2014 Onwards)

Activities/assignments in the University:

1. Convenor, Board of Studies, Cotton University   

2. Member, Academic Council,Cotton University       

3. Member of the Selection Committee for Differently Abled Quota, Cotton University      

4. Departmental representative, CUTA and other activities, Cotton University    

5. Member, Board of Studies, Bodo Department, Gauhati University

6. Member, Bodo Advisory Board,Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi (2013-2017)

7.Convenor, Publication Board, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, (2011-2013)

8.Co-ordinator, Sahitya Akademi Sponsored National Seminar on Bodo and Assamese: Mutual Influence and Relation in Respect of Language, Literature and Culture, organized by Department of Bodo and Aalap group of teachers, Cotton College, 2015

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. Contribution of Tribal Writers in the Growth and Development of Assamese Literature; p. 76-97, ISBN:81-86416-96-X, Gauhati University Press;





Book publication other than subject concerned

1. Sujunai Bijab (A text book of Bodo), Editor, 2011, AHSEC.

2. Thunlai Sujubijab (A Text book of Bodo), Editor, 2011, AHSEC.

3. Solo Bihung, Part I (A Collection of Bodo short stories), Editor, 2008, Bodo Sahitya Sabha.

4. Jiwni Dengkhw, (A Collection of poems of Kamal kumar Brahma), Editor, 2007, N.L.Publications, Guwahati 781 001.

5. Mainaoni Khourang (A Collection of Bodo poems), 1996, Priyadini Printing Press, Hajo.

6. The Bodo (A quarterly magazine), Joint Editor, 2007-2011.

7. Ziziri (Monthly Socio-literary magazine in Bodo), Editor, 2002-2003.

8. Mwndangthini ziziri (Collection of articles in Bodo), Published by N.L. publication,, Ghy, 2013

9. Dan Khwmsini Dinga (Bodo translation of Tez Andharar Nao by Sameer Tanti), N.L. publication,, Ghy, 2013

10. Abwoni Hara (Bodo translation of kakadeotar haar an Assamese Novel) published by Sahitya Akaddemy, 2014

11. Alongbar (Edited Book), Published by Bijni College, Bijni, 2015

12. Khonthaigirini Garang (Bodo Translation of Kabikantha by Abanii Chakrabarty), published by Kabita Prakashan, ghy-04, 2016

Other Informations

National Seminar Presentation

1. National Seminar on Women Reflection on Bodo Oral and Written Literature organized by Bodo Department, G.U & CILL, Mysore, 2011

2. National Seminar on Literary Confluence and Bodo Literature organized by Bodo Department, G.U & Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, 2011

3. National Seminar on Socio-Economic Life as Reflected in the Bodo Literature organized by Bodo Department, Rangia College & Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, 2011

4. National Seminar on Post-Independence of Bodo Poetry organized by Bodo Sahitya Sabha & Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, 2011

5. Social Realities as Reflected in Bodo Literature Through the age, organized by Bodo Sahitya Sabha & Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, 2012

6. Significance of Women writing in Bodo Literature organized by  Bodo Department, G.U & Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, 2014

7. Romanticism in Bodo Poetry orghanized by Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata, Bodo Department Teachers Association and Bodo Department Gyanpeeth Degree College, Baksa, 2015

8. Trends of Bodo Poetry, Sahitya Akademi and Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Simla, Baksa

National Workshop

1. Natioinal Translation Workshop on Tagore Literature by North East Zone Cultural Centre, Ministry of Cultural, Govt. of India, 2012

2. Translation Workshop for translation Anthology of Nepali Poerty, Organized by Sahitya Academi

3. Translation of Short story (Assamese to Bodo and Bodo to Assamese) organized by the Centre for Studies in Language, Dibrugarh University, held on 29/10/2019 to 04/11/2019

4. Workshop on the Preparation of Multi-Lingual Glossary organised by Dibrugarh University from19-23 December 2022. 

Invited Talk

1. 1. Influences of Bengali Poems on Early Bodo Poems
Institute : HRDC, UGC Gauhati University
Place : Gauhati University, Guwahati
Type of Conference : National
Date of Conference : 2022-11-18 to 2022-11-18

2. 2. Influences of Other Literature on Bodo Poetry
Institute : HRDC, UGC Gauhati University
Place : Gauhati University, Guwhati
Type of Conference : National
Date of Conference : 2022-11-23 to 2022-11-23